Polyend SEQ

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Polyend's Seq is an eight-track, polyphonic step sequencer with an easy-to-use interface and a wealth of complex options for variation and performability. With an illuminated button grid for sequence editing and display, the Seq makes it easy to both visualize and modify sequences in real time.

Seq provides an 8 x 32 illuminated button grid for editing and visualizing patterns, striking an excellent balance between screen-based and tactile editing. The onboard screen can be used for utility purposes such as channel assignments, note editing, etc., while the majority of track controls can be visualized on the button grid itself. Users can shift individual tracks left and right, alter note lengths individually or in groups, and can even set up different sequence lengths and tempo subdivisions for each individual track, allowing for a variety of means of generating evolving, intricate rhythms.

Note values may be entered manually or by recording values from an external MIDI controller. Each note event offers note just note and velocity, but CC values as well, making it possible to perform modulation sequencing as well as the typical note-and-rhythm fare.

Seq is a sequencer in its own league: a MIDI recorder, performance tool, modulation sequencer, and more.

  • Eight-track, 32-step sequencer for MIDI-capable hardware and software
  • Stores up to 256 patterns in internal memory
  • Each of the eight simultaneous tracks supports polyphonic sequencing
  • Grid button interface/display for easy pattern creation
  • Only-the-fly track parameter randomization
  • Live sequence recording
  • Per-step note, velocity, length, modulation, and roll
  • Track-level length, velocity, MIDI channel, and MIDI I/O control
  • Each track can play in any mode (normal, reverse, ping-pong, random)
  • Advanced roll allows velocity and note curves step length
  • Per-track tempo division and step retriggering
  • Pattern chaining
  • Beautiful wooden case