Pandaren Racial Abilitis

[Epicurean] - Epicurean is a passive pandaren racial ability that doubles stat bonuses from Well Fed buffs, gained from eating certain foods.     

[Gourmand] - Gourmand is a passive pandaren racial ability. If the pandaren takes up the cooking profession, they start with 15 extra points, as well as maxing out 15 points higher.     

[Inner Peace] - Inner Peace is a passive pandaren racial ability that causes the character to earn twice as much rested experience.     

[Bouncy] - Bouncy is a passive pandaren racial ability that reduces damage taken from falling by 50%.     

[Quaking Palm] - Quaking Palm is an active pandaren racial ability that puts a target to sleep for 4 seconds, and switches off the player's melee auto-attack. For the duration, the target will be unable to take any actions, except to use counters such as PvP trinkets. However, any damage taken will break the effect.

The ability is useful as a form of crowd control, to allow the player to focus on another target, to interrupt the current target, or simply to buy a few moments in which to heal, or escape.