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Lusus 3.0

Lusus 3.0 is the (r)evolution of the Lusus synthesizer concept - this update made this small synth become a small monster - with very low CPU usage. It is great for both live performances and studio use.

It has seen many new features added but without loosing the raw sound of the free version 1. With its 2 new dual analog oscillators, you can detune the 2 waves on each analog oscillator getting an extra phatness unreachable in the free version. With new LFOs, stereo delay, stereo chorus, improved filter (now with feedback), sync features, ... you can easily program new rich, phat and lush sounds.

  • Features:
  • - (R)Evolution of the Lusus synthesizer concept.
  • -Now up to 24 voices.
  • -Analog/phat modes (the new analogue mode has it own amount control knob)
  • -Midi channel control (1 to 5)
  • -Glide (only in mono - 1 voice)
  • -New keyboard playing modes: free/hold (only in mono - 1 voice)
  • -New pitch/fine controls for all oscillators.
  • -New 2 dual voice analogue oscillators with phase (PWM if square wave is chosen) and detune control (appears as "phat")
  • -2 digital oscillators (you draw the waveform) with new morph control between both oscillators (oscillator 3 plays the morphed wave)
  • -Independent gain control for each oscillator.
  • -2 new Ring modulation stages (oscillators 1-2 and oscillators 3-4)
  • -New Sub oscillator (pitch is linked to oscillator 1)
  • -New Noise generator.
  • -Improved 12/24 dB multi-filter with new feedback control (in the output stage) and new inverted envelope mode.
  • -2 new free run/sync LFOs (with retrigger switch) – each LFO has now 3 different but simultaneous destinations.
  • -Ouradrive stage.
  • -New sync/free run stereo delay – the right side is always relative to left side (+/- 50%)
  • -New stereo chorus (has lost the feedback control knob)
  • -Output amplifier with new pan and wideness controls.
  • -Output limiter.
  • -Master bypass switch.
  • -Spider eyes level meter (for output level)
  • -Improved LCD display.
  • -99 presets (67 are new)
  • -Stereo component.
  • -Classic vintage design.