Oberheim Matrix 6R

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Oberheim Matrix synthesizers are a historic product line of subtractive analog synthesizers from Oberheim featuring a system of modulation which Oberheim called "Matrix Modulation" as a method of selecting and routing elements that dynamically shape various aspects of the sounds it produces.

While the Matrix-12 (a 12 voice version of the Oberheim Xpander along with an added keyboard) are based on CEM 3340 Oscillators and CEM 3320 filters, the two models Matrix-6 and Matrix-1000 are notable for their implementation of CEM 3396 DCOs, which maintain a completely analog sound but are controlled by digital circuitry, making them much more stable. The Matrix-6R (1986-1990) and Matrix-1000 are both rackmount versions of the Matrix-6. Matrix synthesizers continue to be popular due to their characteristic late-1980s analog sound.