Oberheim Matrix-12

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The Oberheim MATRIX-12 12-Voice Polyphonic MIDI Synthesizer is based on the same revolutionary technology as its predecessor, the Oberheim XPANDER, the MATRIX-12 features twelve powerful, independently programmable Voices and an elaborate control system for playing them.

The MATRIX-12 is actually more than two XPANDERs, and the addition of a five octave, Velocity and Pressure sensitive keyboard plus two on-board modulation levers allow for the addition of even more programmable functions. The MATRIX- 12 features one of the most comprehensive MIDI systems available and its interfacing capabilities give you more control than is presently available from other synthesizers in any class.

Like the sound-producing capability of the XPANDER, the MATRIX-12 Voice utilizes a 15-Mode Voltage Controlled Filter, five Envelopes and five Low Frequency Oscillators as well as a Lag Processor, three Tracking Generators and four Ramp Generators to provide you with all the ingredients for sound creation. All of this is interlaced by the Matrix Modulation™ System for the greatest of flexibility in modulation control. And the MATRIX-12#s twenty-four Voltage Controlled Oscillators (two per Voice) with waveforms that can be selected individually or combined are the secret to its warm, rich sound.

Each of the MATRIX-12's Voices is completely independent and each can be programmed to play a different sound. They can be grouped polyphonically into Zones or operated independently, from the Keyboard and MIDI simultaneously. All of the functions at your command are easily viewed on the MATRIX-12's three 40-character fluorescent displays, even under poor lighting conditions.