Novation Circuit Workflow

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Circuit workflow revolves around the three main ways you interact with the sequencer: note, gate and velocity. On top of this, you can also record automation continuously by step and fix your device to a certain key and scale or mode.

You'll start off on the Synth 1 page (Circuit) or Osc 1 page (Circuit Mono Station). You can instantly recognise the pages due to the colour feedback of the RGB pads. The top two rows represent a keyboard, and this lets you play the synthesiser. The bottom two rows represent the sequence, and this is split into 16 different steps. If you hit the play button, you'll see that the white pad is the position of the sequence that you are in. If you want to record in, simply hit the record button, and you can use the keyboard on the top to play in. You can also step-enter notes. If you choose a step on the sequence, then from the keyboard you can choose the note that you want to place there.