NOVAkILL - NitrousPM

NitrousPM is the first part of NOVAkILL's "Nitrous Project". It is a two oscillator virtual-analogue synth with high quality oscillators and a wealth of modulation sources. Its super-compact UI is designed to maximise workflow without making it too hard to work with, thanks to large, well-spaced knobs and obvious, simple to use minor controls.

Its main features are:

  • -Two high quality SyncFX oscillators from Chris Kerry with 11 waveforms and Phase Modulation.
  • -Unison, optimised for "massive, phatty goodness".
  • -State-Variable filter with Low Pass 12 and 24dB/octave and 12dB/octave High Pass, band Pass and Band Reject modes.
  • -Two ADSR envelopes, both with multiple interpolation modes [slope] with looping on the modulation envelope only.
  • -Tempo-synced LFO with 5 modulation destinations [3 available simultaneously].
  • -VCA with Mono/Poly modes and Portamento [mono mode only].
  • -Extensive routing for velocity modulation and Mod Wheel control.
  • -16-step programmable Gate Modulation source, assignable to phase mod, filter cutoff and volume [trance-gate].
  • -New RARP uses the Gate sequence to create random note variations over a user-definable range [0 to 2 octaves].
  • -Overdrive effect.
  • -MIDI "Learn" eliminates the need for MIDI CC assignments.