Native Instruments - NI Traktor's 12


  • 12 unique, studio-ready effects from TRAKTOR
  • Capture the buzz of the club
  • Easily usable as a plug-in in any studio setup


TRAKTOR'S 12 brings the intense buzz of the club to your studio productions or live stage performances. A dozen of TRAKTOR's tried and tested floor-rocking effects have been adapted for easy use within your DAW.*

TRAKTOR's 12 includes some of the most inspiring and contemporary sounds from TRAKTOR's arsenal – effects that have been road tested by top DJs in the world’s biggest clubs. Incredible delays, reverbs, and filters join TRAKTOR's unique and hugely popular Beatmasher, Transpose Stretch and Mulholland Drive, among others, to form a powerful studio tool with true club pedigree.


A classic tempo-synced delay with Freeze button that has been a feature of TRAKTOR for some time - directly controlled by the Master Clock of your DAW it ensures that the delay syncs to the beat even during tempo changes.


A Classic TRAKTOR Reverb with extreme room sizes, individual low pass & high pass filter controls, and the unique Freeze function. Add tension and release with this essential DJ tool, building a thick, wall of sound before dropping it back down to earth.


Digital LoFi decomposes the music by reducing its bit depth and the sample rate.


The Mulholland Drive is a highly sensitive overdrive effect with two independent overdrive units and unique, vivid self-oscillating behavior. DJs love its spontaneous nature, which can lead to incredibly exciting results.


The Ring Modulator is an effect that modulates the tracks by adding a high frequency signal onto the audio material, producing a signal rich in overtones. It is well suited to produce metallic and bell-type sounds.


Formant Filter is a filter that imitates the sound of vowels spoken through the human mouth by morphing three band pass filters into each other. The Formant filter is particularly effective at adding character and human dynamics to your track.


The Peak Filter adds a peak to the original signal for a specific frequency spectrum. The peak can be increased to four times louder than the original signal. An additional brickwall limiter makes sure that the increased db is limited to the maximum 0 db.


Updated version of the Beatmasher effect – a buffer-based effect for capturing a loop from the current audio material and automatically re-arranging it into something entirely new. A modern classic from the TRAKTOR generation.


The Gater rhythmically mutes parts of the audio at adjustable rates. The Master Clock controls the rate and the moment in time of muting. A white noise effect can be added to the Gater for emphasizing the rhythmical pattern.


Buffer-based effect for capturing a loop form the current audio material and successively playing it backwards with different mash up options. A mind-bending effect perfect for adding punctuation to your tracks.


The Transpose Stretch is a classic Pitch-Shifter with additional Grain-Size and Time-Stretch control. A firm TRAKTOR favorite this gives you an incredible on-the fly effect that sounds like nothing else.


Samples 2 bars of audio to a buffer, subdivides it in small chunks and replays the chunks in a different sequence creating a rhythmically shuffled version of the original music. The effect provides 20 different patterns grouped in 5 styles.


TRAKTOR'S 12 is the result of top DJs looking to move beyond the standard effects available with most DAWs and bring the legendary power of TRAKTOR into their studio – without needing complicated workarounds. TRAKTOR's 12 is instantly and easily usable in any studio set up. Maintaining the feel and ease-of-use familiar from TRAKTOR, the FX are controlled by only four intuitive knobs and buttons – yet retain a insane amount of sound mangling potential. Any producer who wants to harness the excitement and suspense of TRAKTOR – whether he's a DJ or not – will love the dirty dozen!


TRAKTOR'S 12 runs in the GUITAR RIG 5 PLAYER, meaning the Guitar Rig Factory Selection of tools and effects is also included - that's 22 that can be used on anything from vocals to keyboards and drums! Thanks to the flexible rack concept and integrated modulation possibilities, the creative potential is endless. TRAKTOR'S 12 boasts 120 multi-effect rack presets ranging from classic use-cases such as voice processing and remix tools to complex and dense special effects. Stemming from the work of acclaimed sound designers such as Denis Gokdag (DEEP FREQ) and Jeremiah Savage (SONIC FICTION), these presets put the full power of TRAKTOR'S 12 on display, offering instant usability and inspiration in any situation.

Find out more about the free GUITAR RIG 5 PLAYER.

TRAKTOR'S 12 runs in the free GUITAR RIG 5 PLAYER, which also includes 22 additional components - some of them can be seen in this image.