Native Instruments - NI Solid Bus Comp


  • Provides renowned 'audio glue' compression
  • Added sidechain input and dry/wet control
  • Great on stereo sum, drum groups, single tracks


More than a bus compressor. Use it on anything — single channels, subgroups, master channel — for consistently rewarding results.


SOLID BUS COMP is the powerful compressor for finishing off mixes and adding that unmistakable high-end sound to your track. Available separately or as a part of the SOLID MIX SERIES bundle, this professional studio effect now runs as a stand-alone plug-in with an updated clean and simple interface, making first-rate results a reality for everyone.


With the uncanny ability to 'glue' mixes together and make a track sound finished, SOLID BUS COMP is perfect for most use cases, not least handling stereo sum, drum subgroups and single tracks. Use the SOLID BUS COMP with a low ratio (1.5:1 or 2:1) on the master channel for the full mix 'glue' effect.

Featuring a transparent and neutral sound with a tight bottom end, it’s also incredibly simple to use, with an optional auto-release setting and A/B comparison functionality. It also features a Dry/Wet control for parallel compression, and a sidechain input.


Each SOLID MIX effect has its own unique character and specific advantages, and all three are available as a specially-priced bundle:

  • SOLID EQ: Two models in one, with switchable curve shapes. A precise 6-band equalizer for all kinds of jobs, from subtle shading to aggressive shaping.
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  • SOLID DYNAMICS: A clean, musical dynamics section, combining a stereo compressor, expander and gate in one single effects unit. Works best on single channels.
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  • SOLID MIX SERIES: Three studio effects add professional sound and powerful tone shaping to any mix. All run as stand-alone plug-ins in any DAW.


"The Solid Bus Compressor, Solid EQ, and Solid Dynamics are incredibly responsive and recreate the sound of their hardware counterparts effortlessly."

Pete Boxta Martin (Jessie J, Sugababes)

"I'm digging these plugs, 'Solid' is an apt description for them!"

Neil Davidge (Massive Attack)

"The Solid Mix Series is part of what makes Komplete 9 the must have bundle."

Stephen Lipson (Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Cher, Grace Jones, Paul McCartney, Pet Shop Boys)

"The Solid Mix Series bus compressor is another great tool in my kit from NI."

Richard X (Goldfrapp, Kelis, Roisin Murphy, Annie)