Native Instruments - NI RC 48


  • Two algorithms provide pristine, musical halls
  • Gorgeous visual display allows easy adjustments
  • Designed in cooperation with Softube


The RC 48 is the king of hall reverbs. A rich, elaborate, and refined sound that adds a golden touch to acoustic instruments and vocals.


The RC 48 captures the versatile, luxurious sound of a true studio legend. Featured on countless game, TV, and film soundtracks and even more gold and platinum records, this sound has helped shape two decades of popular music.

Modeled by the experts at Softube, this detailed, musical, and easy-to-use reverb effect captures the essence of the original, adding sparkle and depth to everything it touches, and bringing your tracks to life.


The RC 48 consists of two stunning algorithms. Easy to master, the RC 48’s six intuitive sliders control the same parameters in both algorithms. As well as Size, Diffusion and Spread controls let you precisely shape the reverb tail.

The Random Hall algorithm features Spin and Wander controls for creating random movement with incredibly lively and natural tails. And for advanced sound design, use the Effect setting to create intriguing and inspiring modulation effects.


You’ve never seen anything like this before. Both REVERB CLASSICS feature a revolutionary display that lets you see the ‘shape’ and intensity of the reverb’s acoustic footprint, for real-time visual feedback.

Tweak your sound to perfection – the display reacts instantly. Now you can easily transform the shape and texture of reverb tails with a whole new dimension of control. Get instant pro sound in the blink of an eye – no expertise necessary.


This effect belongs to the REVERB CLASSICS, produced in collaboration with Softube. These "Swedish rock 'n' roll scientists" specialize in incredibly accurate software emulations of professional audio hardware.

As well as working with Native Instruments, they make a wide range of their own products. Their reputation in the industry is exceptional.