Native Instruments - NI RC 24


  • Three lush reverbs for rich, harmonic texture
  • Gorgeous visual display allows easy adjustments
  • Designed in cooperation with Softube


The RC 24 delivers lush, larger-than-life halls and impressive sound design possibilities with stunning accuracy.


Based on a reverb that gained wild popularity in the 80s and 90s, the RC 24 delivers larger-than-life ambience with stunning accuracy – right down to the 12-bit converters. Add rich, characteristic dimension to anything from acoustic instruments to electronic productions – the texture cuts through even dense mixes while preserving the original harmonics.

The RC 24 is also a great sound design tool, opening possibilities from washed-out soundscapes to metallic, otherworldly sounds.


The RC 24 delivers three algorithms from a studio classic – each an ultra-flexible, essential production tool. Six sliders on the interface control the same parameters on all three algorithms, making the RC 24 ultra-intuitive. Predelay and Depth determine the size and feel of the tail. Modulation and Intensity add spin and motion, while Bass, Mid, and Hi-Cut sliders provide deep tone control.

Use the RC 24 to instantly add subtle space and texture or transform even highly-percussive material into dense, drone-like pads.


You’ve never seen anything like this before. Both REVERB CLASSICS feature a first-of-its-kind display that lets you see the ‘shape’ and intensity of the reverb’s acoustic footprint, for real-time visual feedback. Tweak your sound to perfection – the display reacts instantly.

Now you can easily transform the shape and texture of reverb tails with a whole new dimension of control. Get instant pro sound in the blink of an eye – no expertise necessary.


This effect belongs to the REVERB CLASSICS, produced in collaboration with Softube. These "Swedish rock 'n' roll scientists" specialize in incredibly accurate software emulations of professional audio hardware.

As well as working with Native Instruments, they make a wide range of their own products. Their reputation in the industry is exceptional.