MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay

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When all the makers of digital delay pedals are adding features to make the sounds of the repeats more 'analogue', it's pretty obvious that there is a demand for echo repeats that are not just pristine clones of the original sound. The time must be ripe, therefore, for enterprising souls to dust off the old BBD technology and create some new versions of the real thing rather than a digital reproduction of it.

MXR is the latest to introduce a new-build analogue delay with the Carbon Copy that has, er, echoes of the old MXR Analogue Delay (discontinued in the eighties) - not least in its three control knobs and greenish colouring, albeit in a much spanglier metallic shade this time around. It looks very smart indeed, the same size as other MXR pedals such as the Phase 90 but packing a lot of control into a small space by utilising a triangular knob configuration.

Those knobs control the delay time (20ms up to 600ms), the number of repeats (regen), and the volume of the repeats via a mix knob that goes from a totally dry sound increasing the volume of the repeat to a maximum setting where the first repeat is slightly louder than the dry signal.

A small 'mod' switch (with blue status LED) brings in a degree of modulation - a slight up and down pitch shift - to add flavour to the repeats. Two internal trim pots, which are accessed by removing four screws and the pedal base (the same for battery access), adjust the width and speed of the modulation applied. The idea is that you experiment to find your ideal sound and then just leave them set.