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Many worthy people have worked on synthesizer development, but there is a person's name that undoubtedly stands out from the rest. Dr. Bob Moog is rightfully called the man who changed music and although, his long time there is no among alive, his cause, continues to live. He created a large number of synthesizers, and his inventions in the field of synthesis, made a real revolution in the music of the XX century. The company created by him, Moog Music, and now employs many talented engineers who continue to surprise fans of synthesizer folklore around the world.

A striking example of excellent work was the analog synthesizer Moog Subsequent 37, born in the design office of Robert Moog. When developing the Moog Subsequent 37, were used circuit solutions from the well-known Sub 37 Tribute Edition model, which received a lot of positive responses. The Moog Subsequent 37 synthesizer can produce two different-pitched sounds simultaneously and has a massive tonal range, which allows you to achieve a more aggressive and rich sound.

The company Moog Music has long had the status of one of the leaders of the synthesizer market and the legendary sound of synthesizers of this brand is known all over the world, but Moog Subsequent 37, has several qualitatively new differences and is capable of more.

For any professional musician, Moog Subsequent 37 will be a real find, because on its front panel, there is an extensive set of controls. Unlike previous models, the Moog Subsequent 37 has 40 rotary controls, 74 push-button and rotary switches, and a small LCD display for displaying system menus and some synthesis parameters. The Moog Subsequent 37 synthesizer, at least one level higher than the others and its doubled volume reserve of the mixer, open new possibilities in terms of creating and processing sound effects. 

The Moog Subsequent 37 model can work both in single-voice mode and in" Duo Mode", which opens up wide prospects for creativity. In paraphonic mode, the "Moog Subsequent 37" oscillators work independently of each other, it turns out that when the first key is pressed, the filter begins to close, gradually softening the sound, then when the second key is pressed, a new sound will appear with the same filtering depth that was reached at this point in time on the first note. It is worth adding that the doubled headroom in the mixer area, Moog Subsequent 37, allows you to access a wider range of sounds, in both modes of operation.

One of the creators, Moog Subsequent 37, was a leading specialist of the company "Moog Music", Cyril Lance. He has repeatedly noted that the Moog Subsequent 37, positively differs from other models. On the example, Moog Subsequent 37, you can observe the evolution of synthesizers. Such features of the synthesizer's, how "CV interconnectivity" or expanding the capabilities of "Multidrive", are a big step forward.

In conclusion, it is worth adding that in addition to a beautiful, powerful and flexible sound, the model Moog Subsequent 37, has an improved keyboard, a powerful amplifier for headphones, as well as an editor for Windows and Mac users, all that is necessary for the most advanced musicians.