Moog Sub Phatty

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Pay attention to the next creation of the famous brand, this is a Moog Sub Phatty single-voice analog synthesizer. Given model has 25 dynamic keys and a 31-button classic control panel designed at the necessary angle. Combining classic controls, Moog Sub Phatty changes the sound palette and gives a unique, bright sound. A very useful element of Moog Sub Phatty is the "Multidrive", which in small doses performs quite delicate and responsible work. At low settings,  processor adds warmth and width, and when pressed, it emits a screaming roar that opens up new possibilities for any musician.

The Moog Sub Phatty model has two waveform oscillators, with four-position octave range switches, operating with extreme accuracy. Independently of the small volume of its own keyboard, the oscillators Moog Sub Phatty produce sound in the full musical range. The two envelope generators located in Moog Sub Phatty and destined for filter and amplifier, are built according to the traditional four-stage scheme, and also have several hidden parameters, for example, operation in the "Envelope Repeat"mode.  Existing sub-oscillator for extra depth and rich, powerful bass, as well as a pink noise generator, make the musical instrument sound new.

Synthesizer Moog Sub Phatty has separate signal level controls for the first and second oscillators, the sub-oscillator, as well as a noise generator. The gain factors for each controller are well chosen, with the ability to smoothly increase the signal level from the minimum to the undistorted maximum, followed by increasing the level to a light overdrive. After these manipulations, Moog Sub Phatty, have the installed classic filter managing the parameters of the signal, produces a sounds with a soft distortion, giving the timbre additional colors.

The user-friendly interface located on the left side of the Moog Sub Phatty, in addition to the power connector and switch, has an audio output and input, 4 jacks for external control signals, MIDI and USB connectors. Free software editor, with the ability to manage and share preset, multi-functional scheme for extracting various sounds, as well as the function, to store information, on any of the 16 patches, makes Moog Sub Phatty, very attractive. In addition to all of the above, the synthesizer has a fairly low cost, compared to other musical instruments of the company Moog Music.