Moog Mother 32

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Using the example of the semi-modular Moog Mother 32, you can see how the engineers of Moog Music are trying to rethink the historical experience and find a source of inspiration for new developments, because despite the apparent simplicity, many believe that analog synthesis systems can be developed indefinitely. Specialists of the famous brand have worked hard to create the Moog Mother 32, so that it can please fans of electronic music, with its smooth powerful sound and ease of control, and would be equally useful for live performances, as well as for various musical studies.

The compact sample Moog Mother 32 in an aluminum case with wooden side panels, looks quite stylish, he it is equipped with a filter with 2 modes, LFO and envelope generator, and is also compatible with the Eurorack format. Installed on the Moog Mother 32, the oscillator offers a pulse waveform with an adjustable fill factor that can be modulated and a sawtooth waveform. In the existing mixer, on the Moog Mother 32, the oscillator signal can be mixed with the signal from the noise generator, and if an external input is activated, the signal enters the mixer, replacing the noise.

Moog Mother 32 has a filter that works in LPF and HPF modes, with the ability to modulate the filter from the LFO or from the envelope generator. The only LFO, on the Moog Mother 32, has a rectangular or triangular waveform, with an adjustable frequency, and the envelope generator has a variable structure. The capabilities of the Moog Mother 32 can be increased if you additionally use external switching or connect a second synthesizer, for example.

Initially, the main connections of the Moog Mother 32 electronic blocks are made inside the case and the standard circuit from the oscillator, through the filter to the amplifier, is already ready to work, even without using patchcords, this makes it possible for a musician to immediately do what they love, regardless of their level of training. On board the Moog Mother 32, there is a single-track analog sequencer that records different types of signals in each step, emphasizing one or another step of the sequence. 

The sequence is recorded in a template that can contain up to 32 steps, with a total memory of 64 templates, and 13 buttons on the front panel of the synthesizer are used not only as a single-octave keyboard, but also for controlling the template and editing it. The sequencer has one mode of operation for recording a sequence and a second mode for editing it, for example, for adding or removing a step. When recording on Moog Mother 32, you can insert an accent or pause in the desired step, as well as climb higher or lower by one or more octaves.

The Moog Mother 32, is an almost perfect bass instrument, where the oscillator produces a clean, juicy tone that is perfect for a clear and dense bass. The existing functionality allows you to record unusual sequences, additional switching on the patchbay can add new sensations to the sound palette, and if you connect a second similar tool, you will have even more interesting opportunities for creativity.