Moog MF Flange

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The MF Flange is the only pedal in the Minifooger range we haven't tried, and so we come to it with the weight of expectation generated by its siblings. For those not familiar with the Minifoogers there are a few shared qualities to note. Firstly, they are built to withstand the abuses of live performance. Secondly, they are 100% analogue and provide a high-quality signal path, whatever the effect, as well as True Bypass. Lastly, they all have an expression pedal/CV input at the rear for extra control.

We still have our '80s Carlsbro flanger that pretty much nails a standard version of the effect, but only recently have we started using variants of this often clichéd modulation effect again. When used subtly, with very slow modulation/sweep rates, flangers can add depth to instruments and vocals, without having to sound like The Cure.

Plugging in and tinkering with the Minifooger, for what turned into hours, we quickly found that subtlety can be achieved by keeping the Depth and Rate knobs just off minimum and using the (delay) Time and Feedback controls to carve out the space. The fifth control, Type, is a switch that toggles between positive and negative feedback mixes, just like our Carlsbro.

Being a Minifooger it leaves our old pedals in the dust with regard to range: the MF Flange can do what most flangers do in the first 20% and then spins off into space where the term flanger starts to lose relevance. The subtitle of Bucket Brigade Harmonic Manipulator does indeed seem more appropriate.