Moog MF-107 FreqBox

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The Moog Music Moogerfooger format has been established since 1999 and consists of solidly constructed guitar–style stomp boxes. Each little 'fooger has wooden end–cheeks, which proclaim 'oi, we're Moog!' and 'analogue classic' from their very core. Their extensive interfacing — sufficient to keep the most demanding modular owners jacking away happily — lives up to their musical heritage. Indeed, collectively the Moogerfoogers are a mini modular system, especially when mated with Moog's Control Processor expansion box and a Voyager or Little Phatty synth.

The latest addition to the Moogerfooger range is arguably the strangest to date. If challenging to pigeonhole, it is at least straightforward to describe: the MF107 Freqbox comprises an analogue oscillator with FM, an integral envelope follower and hard sync. With voltage inputs for all vital parameters and the Moog name on it, the Freqbox offers direct, unfussy musical interaction.