Moog MF-101 Lowpass Filter

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An analog voltage-controlled lowpass filter and envelope follower designed by Bob Moog himself. With a back-to-basics approach and relative simplicity Bob Moog once again delivers a great analog device. The MF-101 is a Stomp-Box style Minimoog VCF (filter) with knobs to control filter cutoff, resonance, envelope amount and mix. The filter is switchable between 2-pole and 4-pole and a there's a nice Drive knob which can be used to drive and overdrive any input sounds. The envelope follower applies to the filter and can be switched between fast and smooth attack modes for producing sweeping filter movements or bubbly bits!

The MF-101 works with any mono sound source. Simply plug in any synth, sampler, DAT, record or microphone and you can filter it away with the classic sound and feel of the Minimoog. The MF-101 looks like the Mini with its wood panels, black panel, bold white print and a few big colorful buttons. The MF-101 is classically endowed with CV (Control Voltage) control with which you can use to add the MF-101 as a semi-modular filter section to your existing analog CV/Gate synths. The MF-101 also has four expression pedal inputs for remote control of the knob parameters. A great analog VCF (filter) from the Man himself. Use it as a stomp-box or as a modular add-on! Be sure and check out its companions, the MF-102 Ring Modulator and MF-103 12-Stage Phaser. The MF-101 has been used by Fatboy Slim and The Crystal Method.