Moog Grandmother

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Hardly anyone will dispute the fact that the sound of Moog Music synthesizers is a reference for many fans of this instrument, all over the world. But the developers of this company continue to improve their skills, regularly releasing new models, another example was the semi-modular "Moog Grandmother", first presented at an international exhibition in 2018, held on the North American continent in a town called Durham. Analog "Moog Grandmother", although it was created in the image and likeness of vintage devices from the past, still had some unique innovations.

The spring reverb built into the "Moog Grandmother" has the ability to process external sounds, which compares favorably with other models and gives a huge margin for creativity of any musician. Try to start with the simplest melody, and then transform the sound of "Moog Grandmother" into some unrecognizable composition that can become a new work of art. Moreover, on Board the "Moog Grandmother", there is an easy-to-use arpeggiator and sequencer, which guarantees the storage of up to three sequences with an impressive content of 256 notes in each.  The stylish keyboard from the Italian manufacturer Fatar, which has 32 sensitive keys, adds to the sophistication of the "Moog Grandmother".

On the example, "Moog Grandmother", you can see the classic type of synthesizers of the same name, in all its glory, it is primarily 2 analog oscillators with a choice of 3 familiar waveforms: sawtooth, square and rectangular. The "Moog Grandmother" design is designed without the need for patching, which allows all internal connections to start working the way you set up, rather than the way it was intended by default. In addition to everything, the "Moog Grandmother" has a two-pole attenuator and a separate high-pass filter, with support for 6 dB per octave, all this gives additional opportunities for patching.

Thanks to the classic sample, a 4-pole filter installed on the "Moog Grandmother", as well as an analog generator ADSR and LFO, generating infrasound, the palette of potentially available timbres is greatly expanded. This familiar set, further expands the properties of modulation on "Moog Grandmother" and parties with the inclusion of bass, percussion drums, lead sounds, seem even more attractive.

Now we can say with confidence that the inclusion of a spring reverb in the "Moog Grandmother" filling was a wise decision, because it only seems that this Electromechanical device has such an obvious effect, in fact, it is fraught with many nuances and possibilities. As a result, the sound of "Moog Grandmother" is saturated with the same vintage charm and fat that many associate with all the best of the world of electronics of the past years.

An excellent communication panel, "Moog Grandmother", is adapted to the Eurorack standard, with power supply parameters, as well as having about 4 dozen connection points for patching wires and different types of connectors suitable for working together on other well-known synthesizer models.  Good functionality, "Moog Grandmother", allows you to expand the capabilities of other modular systems, while remaining a synthesizer with a clearly noticeable retro background. It is well suited for fans of synthesizer folklore, both at the professional and Amateur level.