Moog DFAM - Drummer

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Moog’s semi-modular synth family just added a member with DFAM – Drummer From Another Mother. Touted as an analog percussion synthesizer, analog beats are just the beginning with DFAM. Equipped with two oscillators, a noise generator, three envelopes, and a selectable LP/HP filter, DFAM is primed to deliver liquidy bass lines, synth plucks and more. Its 8-step sequencer features per-step pitch and velocity controls, perfect for tweaking in real time.

Just like Moog’s Mother-32, the semi-modular DFAM doesn’t require any patching to begin creating sounds immediately. But with 24 patch points, you’ll soon be exploring endless creative possibilities — especially when you pair it with your Eurorack synth rig. In fact, DFAM can even be mounted in your Eurorack case. It’s also the perfect complement to a Mother-32 — it’s even made to fit perfectly in Moog’s 2-tier and 3-tier rack kits.