Monomachine SFX-6 Keyboard

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Elektron Monomachine is an Elektron synthesizer and music sequencer. Monomachine is available as an SFX-60 model, which is a desktop sound module, and was available as an SFX-6 model, which has a keyboard and joystick. In the last quarter of 2007, Elektron released the SFX-60 MkII, which is a version providing a higher signal-to-noise ratio, a thinner design and the ability to add custom signals, introduced with OS 1.20 in July 2008.

The main difference of a mono machine compared with other synthesizers is its sound flexibility. The device offers five synthesis methods: SID, VO, FM +, SuperWave and DigiPro. It also offers several effects that can be applied to both internally generated voices and external sources using two audio inputs. The sequencer offers six [nb 1] tracks, programmed either in real-time or in a stepwise manner, similar to classic percussion machines such as the Roland TR-808 or classical sequenced synthesizers such as the Roland TB-303 or Roland MC-202. A key feature of the sequencer is what the Elektron refers to as “parameter lock”, whereby each step of the sequencer can be associated with a snapshot of all editable parameters for the sound. Signals can be redirected externally to three stereo or six mono outputs.