Minimal System - Analogue Mini

Minimal System Instruments company present Analogue Mini Synth. It is virtual synthesizer VSTI using 2 oscillators. Analogue Mini vst synth include as waveform type of oscillators as saw, triangle, sine, noise and square wave. This synthesizer give you warm sound based on sounding of analogue instruments. You could also use overdrive effects to make more strong and full of audio signal from Analogue Mini synth. Filter of synth has enhanced audio processing using 7 modes so you could make better sounds for your electronic dance music style. Analogue Mini also as other tools include 3 main music effects such as delay, reverb and echo. If you want warm sound to make great bass, saw bass, pluck or saw pad then you should use this synth.

Analogue Mini features:

- 32 Presets
- 2 Osc
- Filter has 7 mod
- Step LFO
- High quality GUI
- Echo/Delay/Reverb
- Overdrive effects