Midnight 30 The Swell

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The Swell from Midnight 30 Music is 3 pedals in one: the Serenity Reverb, the Starry Night Delay and the M30 Delay. All working together to form a massive wall of ambient sound, the Swell has virtually endless options for reverb and delay noises, and the amount of combinations you can get is mind-boggling. You will really never need another reverb or delay pedal again. Requires a 9V adapter with at least 400ma (a One-Spot works fine).

The Swell is a combo pedal that was dreamed up by a client that wanted to be able to have a single pedal with separate delay circuits and a reverb that would allow him to do ambient volume swells without doing the stomp box "dance".

So the Swell was born. From right to left is is an M30 Delay (with modulation), a Starry Night Delay and a Serenity reverb. You can find out more info about those pedals by visiting the product page.

It is powered by a single 9v negative tip (boss-style) DC adaptor and will require at least 300 milliamps. It's made with the highest quality electrical components, toggles and switches and is wired true bypass.