MAM MB33 Retro

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The MAM MB 33 Retro Synthesizer is a replica of legendary TB-303, in a compact desktop housing. The MB33 Retro is manufactured completely in Germany, including assembly, mounting, casing, print and packaging. As with all analogue devices the tolerance within the individual components is different from each other. Thus each MB33 is unique and always sounds somewhat different. This is what makes up a large part of the appeal for analogue instruments.

Thus creating a much smaller device due to the SMD construction, it still contains all relevant components of the original. The MB33 Retro was, like its predecessor, developed by Dipl.Ing. Stefan Schmidt. Stefan Schmidt is one of the best engineers worldwide in this field, emphasised by building his own synthesizer "Schmidt", a high-end synthesizer, used in all the top studios in the world. As with the original it was despensed of the on-off switch, since the power supply consumes almost 20 times more electricity than the MB33 by itself.

The main features of the MAM MB 33 Retro Synthsizer include:

  • VCO: Waveforms: sawtooth and square mixable; Tune control: +/- 50 cent; Switch for Autotune; Auto Slide Function; Range: 4 octaves
  • VCF: 24dB lowpass filter; Cutoff frequency control (20Hz – 20kHz); Resonance control; ENV-modulation depths control
  • ENV: Control for decay time (200ms -. 2,5Sek)
  • VCA: Control for built in Envelope generator with set (non-modifiable) parameters
  • ACCENT: Control for Accent-intensity; triggered at velocity values> = 120
  • Sockets: Output socket; VCF input socket; Socket for MIDI In; Socket for external power supply
  • Consumption: MB33 0.5 VA, AC power supply 9.6 VA
  • Dimensions: 147.5 x 85 x 49 mm W/D/H
  • Weight: 0.430 kg