Lineage 2 (l2) Database

Welcome!!! This site contains the knowledge base Lineage 2, that is, here you can find answers to many questions you are interested in regarding this multiplayer online game Lineage 2.

So, we proceed to the description of the site. The menu of this site is created with maximum convenience. For example, if you need to learn the game from the basics, and you do not know where to start, the site tabs will help you quickly master the game. As each of them is the main point of the following menu items. Also, these sub-points do not go far into the site. And therefore in the main menu there can be similar sections, for example “Professions of Lineage 2” and “Quests for the profession”. As you can see, it was possible to create only one item “Lineage 2 Professions” and thus immerse in it, besides the sections “Description of Professions” and “Guides of Professions”, also quests for the professions of Lineage 2, and thus the eyes would run apart. But since I often encountered such a problem on other sites of the Lineage 2 databases, as a material omission due to its incorrect structuring, I decided to do everything in the above-mentioned way. This is the main reason why I created this type of structuring of the material.

Of course, this knowledge base Lineage 2 is designed not only for novice players, but also for experienced users. Although it is possible that players with experience may say that the base is not large enough, although I, for example, believe that it is not the size that is important, but the quality and usefulness of each material. That is why I try to clean up all the garbage and present only the necessary Lineage 2 material on the site. In order for the users to get lost in the wilds of the site. And they could easily learn, and not look for any lost page and remember what was written on it. By the way, the knowledge base will be constantly updated with new material. Therefore, at this moment to objectively evaluate this site you do not succeed. Indeed, in the world of Lineage 2 there is a lot of necessary information, which is not yet available at this stage of the site’s development.

So, what can you know at the moment. These are necessary items such as Basics of Lineage 2, where you can understand how to communicate in the game, as well as learn how to prescribe commands via the chat menu and what types of chat rooms exist in the game. And learn more about “Shortcut Keys” and “Lineage 2 Macros”. Also here you will understand how the management of the game operates, and learn about a not particularly important point on cuts. But, nevertheless, the item “Lineage 2 Abbreviations” will give you the knowledge to communicate with experienced players without straining. And if you think about reductions, you only have to hand, since besides normal communication, your hands will be more free, since you will not have to write for a long time.

Further, I would like to describe this menu item of the knowledge base site “Earnings in Lineage 2”. Why did I focus on this point? Yes, because in our world money is needed everywhere and this game is no exception. Here you either need to have rich friends or make your own way. Naturally the second option is much more complicated, but it can become even more difficult if you do not read the sections of this clause. And I will give you a hint that under any conditions of various servers you should always have spoiled in Lineage 2. Ie you need to pump in a dwarf Bounty Hunter. Why? Because other types of earnings depend on many factors. Including from the servers themselves, and not from the rules of the game of clans and alliances. And with the Bounty Hunter, in an extreme case, you can craft weapons, a bijou, etc. But if your server allows you to earn well on fishing, then please, but, nevertheless, that time will come when the competition in Lineage 2 will be felt.