Kriminal - Padrone

Kriminal releases Padrone , 2 x OSC: each with its own VCF/Filt Env/Amp Env and 2 x LFO, MOD SECTION, CHORUS FX

OSC: sine/saw/ramp/tri/pulse/white noise/pink noise with pitch selection (octave/semitone/fine)
LFO: sine/saw/ramp/tri/pulse/sample hold. Host sync ON/OFF. Rate/Depth/Delay.
LFO Dest: pitch, pulse width, phase mod, pm depth, freq, reso, env amt, pan, amp

MOD ASSIGN : Mod Wheel, Velocity, Aftertouch
MOD DEST: freq1, freq2, reso1, reso2, env1, env2, pw1, pw2, pm1, pm2, pm depth1, pmdepth2, ch rate, ch depth.
CHORUS: Rate/Depth.
MAIN: MonoMode-ON/OFF, Retrigger-ON/OFF, Mono Note Priority-OFF/LOW/HIGH/LAST
Portamento Time, Volume.