Krakli Software - Stinger

After a really long hiatus, Krakli Software has released a brand new freeware VST plugin. The new Krakli instrument called Stinger is a virtual synthesizer inspired by the legendary EDP Wasp hardware synth.

According to our news archive, this is actually the first Krakli Software plugin since December 2013. This developer was very active back in the day, having released quite a few popular virtual instruments for Windows. One of their most widely acclaimed plugins was the S3 string machine, which was also included in our round-up of the best freeware string machine VST plugins.

Anyways, the latest release by Krakli software is called Stinger and it is a virtual analog synthesizer that is loosely based on the famous Wasp hardware synthesizer by Electronic Dream Plant. Krakli’s virtual version of Wasp serves as sort of an homage to the original instrument, drawing inspiration from its raw oscillator sound and some of Wasp’s less common features such as envelope repeat and delay. Stringer is not meant to be a precise emulation of its hardware counterpart, but there are certainly some similarities in terms of the types of sounds that can be made with the plugin.

My favorite part of Stringer its its oscillator which does, in fact, sound really gritty and can be used to generate some very fat timbres. Overall, Stringer works best for making leads and bass patches, although you can also make all sorts of pads, strings and other polyphonic sounds with it if you switch on the poly mode. Envelope repeat is also a really cool feature that can be used to generate some totally weird and almost FM-like sounds.