Krakli Software & Kriminal - Karnage

Karnage is the result of a collaboration between Krakli Software and Kriminal.


  • -Two oscillators with width (fatness setting) and wave-shape control, a sub oscillator/white noise oscillator mixable with a level control.
  • -24db/12db Filter modulated by a dedicated envelope, velocity, and up to 2 LFOs.
  • -A dedicated ring modulation section that can use keyboard tracking, velocity, envelope, and up to 2 LFOs for modulation of Ring Freq.
  • -Amp section where amplitude can be modulated by velocity and a dedicated envelope - with it's own built-in compressor. Plus Velocity control of Amp and Filter ADSR Decay.
  • -A performance section that has Poly-Mono switch, Glide, Glissando and retrigger switches with Time control on the glide. Glide can be routed to OSC1, OSC2 or Both.
  • -A dedicated distortion unit which uses pre and post filtering (it is this which can give Karnage its unique sound). The modulation (LFO1 or LFO2) is of the pre-post cutoff but the types of filters are set by the shape control so all sorts of effects are possible from a phasing type of modulation to a vocally formant shifting effect, (talk-box effect).
  • -Two LFOs, whose rate is controlled manually or by host tempo. Destinations are Filter, Ring Modulation and Distortion for both LFOs and you can apply each LFO to more than one destination at once. The LFOs also have MIDI Trigger On/Off (Gate).
  • -Full set of 128 presets by a variety of respected patch-makers.