Korg X5DR

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The Korg X5DR is a tasty little sound module packed full of goodies! Built upon the ever successful O1/W series of synthesizers, the X5DR sound module holds a huge 8 megs of great new sounds, including popular vintage sounds from the MI, T-Series, Wavestation, 0I/W and PCM card libraries.

The Korg X5DR is General MIDI compatible, so you can play back any standard MIDI files and songs. Get the extra cable kit, and you can plug the X5DR directly into your computer without a MIDI port. It's the perfect module for amateur and professional musicians, and desktop multimedia users.

  • 8 MB of internal ROM memory
  • 64 voice polyphony
  • 430 multisounds including 90 new presets
  • 215 drum sounds, including 51 new drum samples
  • 128 General MIDI sounds
  • Computer interface (to host PC)
  • Two completely independent dynamic digital multi-effects system with 47 effects