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For fans of electronic music, 2013 was notable for the fact that the synthesizer market has a new line of products Volca, under the famous Japanese brand KORG. In total, future users saw three new products, the host was the Keys model, the beats rhythm machine and at the end of the list a mini-device "Korg Volca Bass". The last model in the list "Korg Volca Bass", we will consider in more detail and you will decide what place it deserves, but looking at this chic set from KORG, it became clear that it opens up almost limitless possibilities for creativity. 

In addition to authentic sound, in this rich set, each synthesizer is equipped with a 16-step sequencer, which provides automated play, with the ability to repeat any recorded part, as well as any operations on parameters in the form of changing the pitch or cut frequency of the filter. All devices, including the Korg Volca Bass, perfectly adapt to any digital station (DAW) or MIDI keyboard, and the ability to work on their own batteries, gives complete freedom of movement.

Presented by Korg Volca Bass, is able to produce: portions of aggressive sound that is not inferior to the drums; fat sound that supports the rhythm and sharp sound that creates a groove, all this in the style of Electribe with additional effects in the form of compression and overload for each party.  With Korg Volca Bass, you can create creative bass lines filled with energy that digital devices can't handle, because the simplicity of the analog sound structure hides many micro-nuances that you can't immediately recognize. 

Experiencing the full, Korg Volca Bass, its advantages will immediately be understood by fans of acid house, one of the categories of house music, who staged a powerful musical revolution in their time. The step sequencer installed on the Korg Volca Bass, with the ability to program its own patterns for each generator separately and then play them on the keyboard of the touch panel in real time, can store up to eight sequencing patterns in memory, which allows you to easily and quickly add or remove phrases in an improvisational manner.

Three generators for creating a huge number of bass timbres, installed on the Korg Volca Bass, are combined with each other, in different ways, from monophonic unison to three-voice chords, this gives exceptional flexibility when creating bass parts. On the Korg Volca Bass, you can program a sequence with separate control of each of the three generators and form a complex multi-voice bass pattern, and when you control the generators together, can manipulate their height to get a more rich sound.

The bright transparent sound of the analog filter on the Korg Volca Bass was achieved thanks to its special design, where by rotating the "Cutoff "control in different directions, you get a radical change in sound parameters, and to get a clear resonant peak and further amplification, to create a powerful and beautiful distortion, the"Peak" control is used. Installed on the Korg Volca Bass, LFO works in three modes, using different combinations of buttons and controls, you achieve a variety of modulation parameters.

When using Korg Volca Bass, it is worth noting the excellent work of the device's creators, who thought through all the subtleties of the synthesis structure with VCF, VCA, LFO and EG generators, making it the simplest and most intuitive for any user. Recording various sounds, based on Korg Volca Bass, gives you great opportunities in creativity, including the learning factor.

On the Korg Volca Bass, there is a convenient Self-tuning to control the frequency of the generators and you no longer need to adjust the synthesizer during performance. The small size of the Korg Volca Bass gives an additional advantage when transporting. And the presence of a speaker and 6 batteries in the Korg Volca Bass allows you to compose music almost on the go.