Korg Prophecy

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The Prophecy Solo Synthesizer was released in 1995 as part of the new era of digital synths from Korg. It had DSP synthesis first seen in the Wavedrum released the year earlier as well as borrowed physical modeling technology from Yamaha.

The Prophecy is a monophonic synthesizer featuring analog modeling, physical modeling, Variable Phase Modeling ie. FM synthesis. The acronym used in naming Korg's analog DSP is M.O.S.S. Multi Oscillator Synthesis System. Because of a deal with Yamaha, they had to call their FM synthesis VPM Variable Phase Modeling.

In addition to all the types of sound it made. The Prophecy also featured a ribbon controller on top of a third wheel controller nick named "The Log" by some. It also had standard pitch and mod wheels and 5 assignable multi function knobs also for editing the instrument. It had a 37 key keyboard and a matrix of multicolored lights for different functions and editing.