Korg Pa 80

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The Korg pa80 merges Triton's renowned HI sound generation capabilities with advanced sound processing for a kaleidoscope of natural and synthetic sounds. With 4 powerful effects processors including Triton's Master Effects, you can use them for a song, split them into 2 sections and assign 2 to realtime tracks and 2 to style tracks, or crossfade them. You can even route 2 external sources like a mic and guitar into the processors and mix them into your song or live performance. The powerful multitasking OS lets you load a new style while one is playing, or load a new program while a song is playing. Over 150 editable preload and 48 user styles offer immense flexibility. The OS can be easily updated with exciting new functions as Korg introduces them. Add the optional Vocal Harmony/Guitar board to add 2 processors dedicated to these inputs or the Video board to display lyrics from MIDI files on a standard TV monitor. Includes a 2 x 22W amp/speaker system and a huge display that'll handle karaoke lyrics.