Korg Pa 1000

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The Korg Pa1000 Professional Arranger makes its debut as Korg's premier professional arranger within the already established Pa Series. The Korg Pa1000 comes equipped with a selection of new and vibrant sounds bound to keep your creative juices flowing and your performances sounding fresh. As well as its enormous library, filled to the brim with a various world inspired styles (1,152 in total), the Korg Pa1000 Professional Arranger's considerable power and performance functionality mark it as one of this year's most dynamic releases. Featuring an improved in-built speaker system the Korg Pa1000 Professional Arranger can project harmonious and full bodied sounds, allowing you to appreciate the various textures of music that you produce. Whilst the Pa1000's makeover may be a predominantly improvement based, the addition of one new feature in-particular has the online community gripped to the edge of their seats. KAOSS FX, gives you complete and total control of your playing. With a functionality that extends to percussion based morphing, intricate mixing, live reshaping, note-crunching, tape-delay, arpeggios and liquid mixing, KAOSS FX extends your musicality like never before.

The Pa1000 Professional Arranger now features a standardized video output, great for aiding performers to carry mass sing alongs with projected onscreen lyrics. Ideal for the live musician, the Pa1000 also features TC Helicon Vocal Harmonizer; great for adding depth to your vocal performances. Well suited to the trying endeavours of the road, the Korg Pa1000 comes enclosed within the confines of a high-quality aluminum chassis that provides maximum protection against bumps, bruises and bangs.