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Although the classic MS-20 from Korg was introduced to the market in 1978, it is still very popular among music creators. Its wild popularity has contributed to the fact that a more compact and modern version of this device, namely the Korg MS-20 Mini, has recently been released. Internally, it does not differ from the legendary Korg MS-20 Mini, but it is significantly lighter and more compact than its predecessor, which is undoubtedly its advantage. The developers claim that from the moment of release to the present day, they have already sold more than 300,000 models of the MS-20 from Korg and The Korg MS-20 Mini, which indicates the mad popularity of this model.

The same specialists who developed the original Korg MS-20 carefully reproduced the original scheme and placed it in the case, the size of which was reduced to 86% of the original size, but this did not prevent it from retaining a recognizable, not outdated appearance over time. The developers also paid attention to the smoothness of parameter control, which is the main feature of analog tools. The body is made of a curved aluminum panel, in which the barrels are mounted with rubber-covered handles and a solid wooden panel.

The key feature of the Korg MS-20 Mini is really powerful filters that can produce the necessary resonance, both at high and low frequencies. The dramatic tonal change in it is really amazing and it was later used in monotron and monotribe. Over time, the classic Korg Ms 20 filter scheme was changed, but the MS-20 Mini received an older filter that has a unique sound and is still very popular among music creators.

The system of connecting cables (patch wires) on the panel on the right allows you to create complex timbres by switching between different modules of the circuit. A variety of combinations of trigger and modulation inputs/outputs, as well as an S&H generator and a noise generator, allow you to get incredibly diverse sounds. For novice musicians or DJs, a special diagram is printed on the front panel, according to which you can use the inputs and outputs. This scheme allows you to use all the power and advantages of modular synthesis.

The ESP processor is a distinctive feature that emphasizes the experimental spirit of the Korg MS-20 Mini. It allows you to use the height or amplitude of an external signal source to control the synthesizer. For example, you can connect an electric guitar and use the Korg MS-20 Mini as a guitar synthesizer, or connect a microphone to get a vocal synthesizer.

It can produce just an incredible palette of different sounds, which will be limited solely by your imagination. It has a compact 37-key keyboard, as well as 200 presets that are fully editable. The Korg MS-20 Mini has a motion sequencer as well as a 16-step polyphonic pitch. The Korg MS-20 Mini is an ideal option for experienced music creators who are excited about using classic instruments, but it is also suitable for novice musicians. The synthesizer will definitely not leave music lovers and creators indifferent.