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Korg announced the release of a compact analog synthesizer Korg Monologue, which is fully programmable. The 25-key synthesizer received an updated sound and a number of modern features, which made it possible to make the model fully universal, suitable for musicians of different skill levels playing in different styles.

Korg Monologue is a real monophonic beast that has tremendous power. It has a monophonic scheme that is based on the Minilog scheme. Korg Monologue has two VCOs, which in turn support three waveforms, as well as ring modulation and oscillator synchronization. It has a unique two-pole VCF, as well as an LFO and amplifier. Korg Monologue synthesizer also has a new feature, namely a special drive circuit that adds overtones to the distortion of the sound, which makes it possible to create unique and inimitable, fat basses, as well as wild lead sounds, all this will really satisfy any music lover and musician. A special high-speed LFO is installed to generate crazy sounds that will simply tear and destroy the surrounding space. It may be switched to single-shot mode, in which case it will act as an additional envelope.

The Korg Monologue also includes 16 special buttons for which the step sequencer is responsible, and also thanks to special keys it is possible to store up to four movements of the handle. Up to 100 programs can be saved in memory (80 pre-installed and 20 user programs). When the sequencer is running, you can switch to real-time recording at the desired time. There is a special function for notes that you can delete even while recording, and each active step is represented by additional buttons. By flipping a special switch of the Korg Monologue, you can add slides that go from the desired note to the next, which is a mandatory feature for acid music. However, the ideal option is one in which the switch is in the standard position, and all the necessary data is pre-recorded. This will be responsible for special automation, which is displayed graphically on a special screen, which is quite an effective method, given the size of the screen. In addition to the main volume control knob, additional ones are available, which makes it much easier to create the perfect sound for every music lover and Creator.

Korg Monologue also has the famous Minilogue key and MS-20 mini. You can immediately start playing on it and it will immediately give out all its power, and show all its capabilities. The bass line can be easily held thanks to the E-to-E layout, while you will get crazy visualizations from the built-in OLED oscilloscope. The appearance of a monophonic instrument indicates its strength and power. It inherited all the most stylish and cool from its predecessors, but unlike them, it got a more rectangular shape, which looks much more interesting and definitely much more powerful. Despite its externally powerful design, the Korg Monologue synthesizer has a very light weight, which is equal to 1.7 kg / 3.78 lbs. This design and weight makes it very portable, and does not negatively affect its strength. Unlike its counterparts, the Korg Monologue has built-in batteries, which distinguishes it from other monologues and gives it full portability.

The Korg Monologue synthesizer is made and designed for strength and durability, and you can use it even from 6 AA batteries. Battery life is 6-8 hours. Korg Monologue is available in five color versions of the case. Korg Monologue is a truly unique analog synthesizer that is perfect for both professional musicians and those who are just beginning their musical journey. It will expand the sound palette of absolutely any musician.