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The Korg Microkorg is a compact synthesizer that can satisfy the pickiest user by providing great experience and enjoyment of synthesis. Despite its compact size, a powerful tool to create perfect sound is hidden in it. The Korg Microkorg has very intuitive control panel that makes possible to take under control each “part of the sound”, never so easy to use synthesizer allows playing for fun or on a professional level. Released in 2002 it still one of the best synthesiser available in different colours include platinum, which is a 15th-anniversary colour that available now.

The Korg Microkorg is an instrument with the possibility of very fine-tuning and personalization, developed to give unforgettable feelings of creating music.

The Korg Microkorg synthesizer and vocoder have a dynamic 37-key keyboard, two-part multi-timbral, four-voice polyphony, 128 preset patches (all editable). Analog synthesis modeling is available, as in the MS 2000 tool. The Korg Microkorg features two oscillators that can produce both classic and unique ones, including 64 DWGS-type waveforms from the classic Korg DW 8000 synthesizer. Ring modulation and oscillator synchronization are supported. Korg Microkorg includes four types of resonant filters (low frequency, bandpass, and high frequency 12 dB/Oct, as well as low frequency 24 dB/Oct), two envelope generators (ADSR), two LFOs (synchronized with MIDI), and a modulation matrix.

The eight-band vocoder has the function of fixing voice formants. There are 16 vocoder patches, an electret microphone is included. The arpeggiator has six types of patterns; it is possible to disable steps in a pattern. There is a processor of modulation effects (three types), delay (three types, synchronized with an arpeggiator or MIDI clock), a two-band equalizer. The Korg Microkorg also has five controls (transmit MIDI messages), pitch and modulation wheels, a large data input wheel, backlit buttons, a three-character eight-segment LED display, two audio inputs (it is possible to process external signals with filters and effects), two outputs, a headphone output, three MIDI connectors. Powered by adapter or batteries.

The tone tuner options the same DSP analog platform as the MS-2000 – popular among professional musicians for its flexibility in functionality and variety of sounds. Provide a broad range of waveforms to choose, the Korg Microkorg functionality includes filtering system, simulation option, LFOs, additional effects that give facility to create any sound.

Editing of music is not hard anymore, just choose a mod and push the button. The Korg Microkorg with its functionality can be useful at a concert, in a studio or as an external computer device. 

The built-in amp facility gives the opportunity to moderate the volume of the sound. As an additional function, it is possible to adjust the power’s distortion on/off. This appropriate when an intention to create an “edge” in sound and allows you to produce very intensive sounds.

The EG (Envelope Generator), changes the time-parameters of the sound, is a well-known ADSR, describe characteristics of the sound, could be used for transition sourcing. Two types of LFO (Low-Frequency Oscillator) also included creating a tool for managing periodic parameters of the sound characteristic. Good quality DSP processor is a guarantor that sound effects are performing well.

The Korg Microkorg has a function for simulating the options of Korg older models synthesizers  PS and MS variants. Specifying four imitating types. Mods consist "SOURCE", purpose "DEST", and a rate of correction "MOD INT". A resource correction as Filter EG, AMP EG, e.t.c. easily synchronising with other optional functions to create very different sounds.