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The Korg KRONOS2 88 KEY was developed in Japan in 2015 by KORG. It caters to modern day artists and producers who has a thirst for perfection and desire to be the best in their craft. KORG has been in the industry for 50 years. They prioritize quality and deliver masterpieces for the world’s musical elites. It has since made its way to online global retail platforms.

What KRONOS2 Has to Offer

The KRONOS2 delivers on trend setting technology that is refined, perfectly honed and developed in one instrument. This instrument is one that many customers cannot stop raving about. With state of the art software and audio, the KRONOS2 enhances your musical experience and sets you up for success as a world class artist. It comes in 3 different sizes, and in this Korg KRONOS2 review, we will take a closer look at the KRONOS2 88 KEY piano.

It comes complete with nine distinct sound engines

The KRONOS2’s sound engines as individuals are more than capable of acting as solo synthesizers. They represent a state of the art technology that is available for that particular creation of sound. The KRONOS2 88 KEY is equipped with cutting edge sound controllers and effects. These are perfect for producing customized edits or for sound designers with a passion for out of the box sound creation.

It has an enhanced SGX-2 Grand Piano Engine

The KRONOS has built a solid reputation as a provider of infinite collections of decay stereo samples that are not looped and are natural. What this means is that they were recorded for each individual key. The KRONOSS2 88 KEY features all of these properties. Also, it has the new and improved SGX-2 Grand Piano engine that boosts the sound of the piano, giving it more depth. Some extra additions include freshly recorded Una Corda and Sympathetic String Resonance samples.

It comes with an even bigger sound selection

This model comes complete with thousands of sounds that were created with the use of multiple synthesis modes.  It relies on over 21GB of waveform data that was both pre-set and represents a plethora of genres. The KORG team worked tirelessly and meticulously to craft each sound.

Users of the KRONOS2 88 KEY can also sample or download KRONOS Sound Libraries. This is thanks to the built in 62GB storage space in the internal SSD. Because the creators of this model understand that artists want to be as close to sounding like the legends as possible, they made sure to install the Artist Signature Programs. These actually facilitate the sounds that world class musicians use.

Additional Song Programs cater to the pop songs and classic rock songs. Its trademark keyboard sounds are recreations by these artist signature programs. Now, musicians can play their favorite music while simultaneously saluting musical icons and legends.