Korg Krome 61 EX

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The Korg Krome 61 EX Music Workstation fuses the renowned KROME workflow and combines it with a completely revamped sound library, ideal for contemporary sound designers and producers that want a balance of classic go-to sounds and creative, modern synth tones.

Perfect for the Stage or Studio

By stripping back the Krome Keyboard to its basics and rebuilding the sonic library, Korg have designed the Krome 61 EX to be used on any music production task. With a focus on Electronic Dance Music, Ethnic Instruments and Orchestral Sounds for film sound design, Krome EX has it all covered.

Courtesy of a much larger PCM memory bank, the Krome 61 EX is capable of a much higher-resolution sound with more dynamics and expression.

Korg's Krome EX also benefits from a revamped chassis that gives it a fresh, modern look to match its new sonic potential.

Dedicated Drum Engine

The KROME 61 EX provides a massive collection of more than 2,500 drum samples to power its 48 preload kits. One of the notable kits is "Jazz Ambience Drums." Its generous sound takes advantage of KROME EX’s high-capacity PCM memory to deliver a completely new level of clarity and realism. Adjusting the mix balance between the direct sound (a mic placed near the head or cymbal) and the ambient sound (recorded from a distant mic to capture the resonance of the room), allows you to create a rich drum sound that has exactly the balance and character that you want.

Korg Krome 61 EX Key Features:

  • 61-note Semi-Weighted Music Workstation Keyboard
  • Brand new sonic library
  • New Sampled Grand Piano recorded by Seigen Ono
  • 16-track sequencer
  • Re-modelled vintage amps, cabinets and classic effects
  • 2,500 drum samples and 48 pre-loaded drum kits
  • Fine-tunable Drum Resonance control
  • Dual Polyphonic Arpeggiators
  • 896 Programs and 512 Pre-loaded combinations
  • Auto Song Setup Function
  • Re-Designed Aluminium Panel
  • Intuitive 800x480 TouchView Colour Touchscreen interface
  • USB and SD Card Storage