Korg 05R/W

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Here we have the oldie but goodie Korg 05R/W, a half-rack digital synthesizer module based on Korg's 01W series AI synthesis. The 05R/W contains 340 multi-sampled waveforms, providing all one basically needs for modern music production - especially pop/rock/dance.  It is 8-part multi-timbral (there is - as usual with Korg instruments - a COMBI section where you can store your combinations) and thus can be very effectively used in a MIDI setup.

There are also 164 drum sounds, and many of these are already superbly "produced" (compressed, equalized, enhanced) and ready to be the basis of your drum tracks "from the box".  The drum sounds are also fully editable. GM (General MIDI) is also present, as a bank in the PROG section.  The sounds starting with the letter "G" follow the GM protocol and can be used with thousands of available MIDI files.

There is also a great sounding multi-effect processor on board, capable of providing up to four effects simultaneously.  There are the usual suspects (reverb, delay) but also more esoteric offerings such as equalizer, exciter, enhancer, and rotary speaker.

A fantastic supplement to this synthesizer is the inclusion of alternative tuning scales!  Several scale types are provided besides the standard equal-tempered, including Arabic, Werkmeister III, and Indonesian scales.  You can also create and store your own.

This synth also features a serial port in its rear, allowing the user to connect directly to a Mac or PC without the need of a separate interface.