JC Productionz - Arch Avenger Pro Version 2 (RHEC)

This software synth has a smooth analog sound with enough bite to cut through a densemix. RHEC (formerly Arch Avenger Pro) features two voltage controlled audio oscillators, each with separate three position octave slide switches, waveform selectors, and volume controls. Oscillator 2 has separate interval control and both oscillators have fine pitch control. Both oscillators have switchable response curves.


  • -LFO oscillator switchable between 7 waveforms.
  • -Voltage controlled amplifier.
  • -Moog voltage controlled filter, 24db/octave, with self oscillation feature.
  • -Separate contour generators for VCA and VCF.
  • -Stereo multitap delay effects.
  • -Frequency analyser.
  • -Monophonic or polyphonic operation.
  • -Retrigger option in mono mode.
  • -Velocity control.
  • -Full MIDI/VST automation (can be controlled from your external keyboard).
  • -Sixty presets included.
  • -6 note polyphony.

New Features And Changes In Version 2:

-Fully redesigned GUI featuring a 5 octave span graphic keyboard with mod wheel and bender,responds to mouse input
-Seedable random module(Gate) with frequency,seed,level,sync,cycles controls
-Stereo chorus with wet&dry mix and three wave's
-Added waveforms-"sine,white noise&pink noise to oscillators 1+2
-Five new presets for a total of 65 presets,also some of the presets from version 1.0 have been enhanced and or replaced