Horse Mounts

Horse mounts are largely Alliance only mounts. Horse mounts, in this case, also includes those that are embodiments of spirits (Paladin's Chargers, Death Knight's Deathchargers).

Factional mounts: Apprentice

You can purchase these mounts from several vendors:

  • Alliance Gregor MacVince <Horse Breeder> at Theramore Isle in Dustwallow Marsh
  • Alliance Katie Hunter <Horse Breeder> at the Eastvale Logging Camp in Elwynn Forest
  • Alliance Katie Stokx <Horse Breeder> outside Old Town in Stormwind City
  • Alliance Unger Statforth <Horse Breeder> in Menethil Harbor in the Wetlands

You must have riding skill of 75 (obtainable at level 20). If you are playing as any race other than a human, you will also need to have Exalted reputation with Stormwind City.

Factional mounts: Journeyman

You can purchase these mounts from Katie Hunter, Katie Stokx or Gregor MacVince, so long as your character has riding skill of 150 (obtainable at level 40). They are reputation restricted like the apprentice mounts.

  • Swift Brown Steed
  • Swift Palomino
  • Swift White Steed

Original epic mounts

These used the old epic mount graphics and as of Patch 1.4 are no longer obtainable.

  • Palomino Bridle
  • White Stallion Bridle

Gilneas mountain horses

In addition to the horses of Stormwind, patch 4.3.0 brought about two new horses for the people of Gilneas, purchasable from Alliance Astrid Langstrump <Mountain Horse Handler> in Darnassus, just outside the Howling Oak. If you are playing as any race other than worgen, you will also need to have Exalted reputation with Gilneas.

These horses have several differences from that of the Stormwind horse mounts. Mountain horses are slightly larger than the other horse mounts, and do not rear up and neigh for their mount special. Instead, mountain horses lean down to graze. They do not have saddles, and have slightly touched up model skins.

  • Mountain Horse and Swift Mountain Horse are sold for 1g and 10g respectively.

Class specific mounts

Death knights, paladins and warlocks are all able to gain mounts specific to their class (and for paladins, faction).

  • Acherus Deathcharger is earned upon completion of the quest N Death Knight Into The Realm of Shadows.