Homenoise Effects Deep Space

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The Deep Space is no longer available and will be getting an update in 2019. After more than two years of development and research, the Deep Space project has reached its final stage. Featuring two delays in a single box, the Deep Space allows you to create rhythmic echoes, long lo-fi delays as well as an endless wash of echo reflections.

Slider knobs are used to control the delay time which creates an unusual set of possibilities in terms of experimenting, though still feels very linear. Apart from the sliders, the expression pedal input controls the delay time on delay A and the Lo-Fi footswitch affects the delay time on delay B. When turned on, the Lo-Fi switch makes the time on delay B a lot longer, with up to one sec of delay time. This does come with an additional amount of noise that makes the pedal sound like a lo-fi tape delay.

If you want to make things freaky, there is a serial/parallel knob that sets the position of the two circuits. This makes it possible to let the circuits run next to each other, to have delay B follow delay A or anything in between. The second knob labeled "Trans" sets the amount of signal that is being fed back from delay B to delay A. Things can get quite confusing when you are experimenting with these two controls, but that might be what makes it so interesting...

Of course, each delay comes with its own feedback and mix controls.