HERCs Music Systems - Abakos

Abakos was released by HERCs Music Systems company. It has synthesis of virtual analog type. Abakos vst (vsti) include as sound processing as 2 ADSR, Noise Generator, Vibrato and switch of Digital/Analogue Filter. So Abakos is great sounding poly synthesizer having great design by ARTVERA company! Noise generator of synth make sound with some noise of signal so if your sound need to be unclean you can use that. Abakos include great filter with 2 Digital/Analogue switch type to get audio signal like analogue modules and digital modules. Addition synth LFO use many waveforms, it gives you more full sound processing of making unusual signals.

Abakos (vst) features:

-Generator of Noise.
-Envelope Follow.
-Ring Mod.
-Analogue-Digital Filter Modes.
-Onboard Delay.
-Wah Wah.
-2 VCO using 3 waveforms.
-LFO using multiple waveform.
-2 Attack, 2 Decay, 2 Sustain, 2 Release (2 ADSR).