Goblins Racial Abilitis

[Rocket Jump] - Rocket Jump is an active goblin racial ability that allows the goblin player to rocket forward a short distance in a jump-like motion.

[Rocket Barrage] - Rocket Barrage is an active goblin racial ability that deals fire damage at range.     

[Time is Money]     - Time is Money is a passive racial ability for all goblins, increasing haste.

[Best Deals Anywhere] - Best Deals Anywhere is one of the racial traits granted to all goblin characters. As long as the vendor in question belongs to a faction, it allows a goblin to receive the best possible discount, regardless on the character's reputation with the concerned faction.

In most cases this translates into a 20% discount corresponding to the Exalted reputation discount. 

[Better Living Through Chemistry] - Better Living Through Chemistry is one of the passive racial traits of Goblins. It gives Goblins a 15 point bonus to their Alchemy skill.     

[Pack Hobgoblin] - Pack Hobgoblin is a racial trait which allows goblins to summon Gobber, the player's hobgoblin friend in order to let them access the bank anywhere they want.