Glou-Glou Rendez-Vous

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The Rendezvous is quite a valiant attempt to take the best of Mu-Tron’s old modulation effects, update them, and mate them into one tonally symbiotic package, where the two different circuits are invariably linked. On one side we have a fully featured phaser and vibrato, with six (that’s right) different phase stage options, along with depth, peak, in- and out-of-phase selectors, and gain options. On the filter side we have four different selectable filters, again with peak, depth, and gain options, as well as a switch that syncs it up to the phaser. On the bottom there is a master LFO and envelope, which can modulate either the phaser, filter, both, or anything in between. There are also gate controls that are reactive to pick attack, but more on that later. The Rendezvous runs on AC power, so make sure you have a courtesy outlet on your power supply if you want to take this on the road.

As you can see, the Rendezvous is an absolute monster of tone, and it can get a little complicated. I will try to break down as best I can how it works, as well as its strengths and weaknesses. There is something here for everyone, so you really have to take the time to explore what it has to offer.