Glou-Glou Pralines

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The Glou-Glou Pralines is a creativity-inducing pedal that encompasses many possible effect types. It boasts four parallel bandpass filters with individual base frequency and modulation amount controls for each filter, along with a Mod knob which selects Envelope Up, Envelope Down, LFO, or Expression Pedal as the master modulation source. A user is given the additional option of modulating the LFO with the Envelope or External Input, allowing for infinite unique sounds. A switchable analog gated fuzz circuit pre-filter adds tasty harmonics to be manipulated at will, while ultra-responsive Peak and Sensitivity controls allow for expressive control of Pralines at any setting. With so many easily accessible sonic options onboard, the Pralines covers ground previously trodden by the eccentric classics of yore while forging new paths ahead.

  • Analog fuzz/filter pedal
  • Fuzz, Dry/Wet, Filters, Peak, and Sensitivity knobs
  • Fuzz engage switch
  • Modulation select knob
  • Quad bandpass filter design
  • Envelope attack and decay controls
  • LFO range and speed knobs
  • Modulation amount and base frequency control per filter
  • LFO control selection knob
  • Expression pedal/CV input
  • True bypass switching