Future Retro XS

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The XS is a true semi-modular analog synthesizer with a universe of sonic possibilities just waiting to be discovered. The unit’s versatile design allows it to be used as either a tabletop or rack-mounted instrument and its compact size makes it ideal for musicians on the go.

In its simplest form the XS is an extremely powerful monophonic synthesizer with internal signal routings pre-wired in a way that allows the unit to act similar to traditional synthesizers. The unit also provides numerous inputs and outputs that can be connected in various ways to override the pre-wired signal routings and interface the unit with other instruments in a modular fashion, and even process external audio.

The XS can be controlled by both MIDI and CV/Gate control signals in a variety of ways so that interfacing it with other instruments, old or new, is simple. The XS can also act as a MIDI to CV/Gate converter, allowing MIDI information received by the unit to be transmitted as CV/Gate signals forcontrolling other analog instruments.