Erica Synths Plasma Drive

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Based on Gamechanger Audio's Plasma pedal, this collaborative effort with Erica Synths brings high-voltage Xenon tube distoriton into the Eurorack synthesizer format. The Plasma Drive extends Erica's Fusion series into new territory: territory where sound is translated into high-voltage discharges in a Xenon tube, not unlike the sound of a Tesla coil with a particularly musical ear.

Erica's Plasma Drive provides a two-band EQ much like the original pedal, but adds octave and suboctave tracking oscillators for producing even thicker sounds. CV inputs for voltage and wet/dry mix as well as trigger inputs for activating/deactivating the tracking oscillators make for an uncommonly "playable" distortion, with a sound all its own.

  • Xenon tube distortion developed in conjunction with Gamechanger Audio
  • Dedicated control and CV input for Voltage level
  • Built-in EQ for tone shaping
  • Octave up and Suboctave tracking oscillators for even thicker sounds
  • Octave and suboctave oscillators can be activated and deactivated via external triggers
  • Dry/Wet manual and CV control