Ensoniq ASR-X

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The ASRX features great Sound. Both the Synth sounds and the Samples needed a powerful engine for playback, so we took the MR voice architecture, added resonant filters, our 24-bit ESP-2 effects processor chip and pumped it all through pristine 18-bit DAC's to give you an amazing amount of "soniq" power at your fingertips. You'll never get tired of the sound of the ASR-X.

Resampling: The ASR-X offers resampling functionality like no other product. Sound parameters can be tweaked to your liking, routed through the Insert Effect or Built-in Reverb, and recorded at the Main Outputs digitally. Use this power to create audio loops from sequences you've previously recorded. Add effects to individual pieces within a drum kit, then use another effect algorithm in your final mixdown. You can even mix the A/D to any effects bus, play a sequence, jam along on the pads, and resample the whole thing!

Unique Effects Algorithms: All of the brilliance of the MR family effects algorithms are represented in the ASR-X. A Global Reverb is always available with 8 models for Plates, Halls, Rooms, and Huge Places. The Insert Effects has 40 algorithms with 4 variations each available. EQ, Reverb, Chorus, Flange, DDL, Distortion, Tunable Speaker, Chatter Box, Vocal Morph, and Autowah presets are included to add character to each resampling session.

Disk File Compatibility: Gone are the days of custom disk formats and incompatible disk files. The ASR-X uses standard file formats for sequences (SMF) and samples (AIFF) to ease the transition of data to your computer, or other compatible device. Once you come up with that killer groove, save the sequence to disk, and load it into your computer sequencer. Play it back into the ASR-X over MIDI while playing a guitar riff into the audio input. Resample all of that. Save to disk. You get the idea.


Includes the SCSI interface plus Dance Project ROM expansion board.