Elektron Digitone

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Swedish developers have created Elektron Digitone, which perfectly combines digital FM synthesis with classic signals flow. Implemented in sound module, a progressive approach to digital synthesis, turned out to be quite user-friendly. This eight-voice musical instrument has 4 sound operators that simulate each other according to certain algorithms, resulting in a wide variety of timbres. There are 8 algorithms in total.

On The Elektron Digitone synthesizer, the sound in its simplest form is a pure sinusoidal signal that sounds quite weighty at low octaves, even without additional modulations. An interesting option is the "Overbridge" support, which integrates the Elektron Digitone and the digital station (DAW) using a USB connection. Elektron Digitone has a user-friendly graphical interface where you can quickly find the location you need to create sounds.

Using the example of Elektron Digitone, you can observe the huge possibilities of digital synthesis, using envelopes, certain units of time, reserving a different number of voices for each track, and many other parameters. This is the combination of FM synthesis with classical looks like a sudden transition from bright musical expression to restrained soft tones.

A powerful oscillator section on the Elektron Digitone, complemented by a band-pass and multi-mode filter, an amplifier and 2 assignable LFO generators, makes it possible to perform compositions with a wide variety of sound effects. Users of this device can initially count on more than 500 different sounds created by masters of synthesizer art, different times.